CCNY Green Community

A Roof-Pod Garden on the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York. We are a club, a collaborative, design-built effort to generate food and educate the community on food & ecological issues!

Welcome : )

Where are we?

We are a gardening/ecological club situated on the roof of the Spitzer School of Architecture. The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School is located and part of The City College of New York’s campus. A public college part of the City Universities of New York. We are on 141 Convent Ave, between 135 St. and Convent Ave. Our club meetings are all in the Solar-Roof Pod, which you can see in the photo below.


Our Bees

Yes, we have bees! Yes, we make honey! Our club advisor, Christian Volkman, tends the bees and also gives a yearly presentation about bees and honey. If you want to come check out some bees or learn more make sure to stop by!

Our Roof Garden

Our regular meetings and weekends are always gardening sessions where we turn soil and add leaves and compost to our planters. Or we plant new seedlings onto our free planting spaces. Our roof garden has a strong community that tends the garden together but also helps each other learn new tips and trick along the way.

Our Events

During the Fall and Spring semester we have events that teach students and the community how to grow, harvest, tend, and use garden grown goods. Our community creatively turns gardening into a composting lesson, harvesting chamomile into a Honey, Tea, and Jam Session, and growing tomatillos into a Salsa competition.


Our Community

The Community that supports us consist of students from the City College of New York from all majors, but the majority are Architecture students who know the building (including the Roof Pod) very well. Our club members also include students from the High School on campus. Although this is our current community everyone is welcome to join us!