CCNY Green

A Roof-Pod Garden on the roof of the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York. We are a club, a collaborative, design-built effort to generate food and educate the community on food & ecological issues!

Our club host events that show and teach people how to harvest, tend, and grow food. We also host Garden Talks with guest speakers who inform members about composting, gardening communities around New York City, Bees, and much more.

Chantal Garrido

Hey ya’ll, my name is Chantal Garrido, currently the president of CCNY Green. I am a fourth-year B. Architecture student and last year I was the Secretary of CCNY Green. I’ve been a member for three years and have grown to love our community and what we stand for. You’ve all probably seen the emails I’ve sent throughout the past semester and have seen me around the RoofPod as well! I enjoy conversations and meeting new people; if you see me around don’t be shy, I am all for empathy and learning from each other.

Nada Elsayed

Hey everyone! My name is Nada Elsayed, I’m a 4th-year B.Arch student and Vice President of CCNY Green. I’ve been an active member of CCNY Green for the past 2 years. I love gardening and helping our community. I believe CCNY Green is a great place to connect with people and learn about the environment. You will always find me in the Roofpod! I’m really excited to meet you all and introduce you to our community. 

Lindsay Ruotolo

Hello! My name is Lindsay Ruotolo and I am in the Master of Landscape Architecture program. I got my undergraduate degree from Penn State and have since worked at public gardens where my passion for plants and horticulture has grown. I love meeting people through gardening and CCNY Green is the perfect forum for connecting with students over shared interests in horticulture and sustainability. I look forward to meeting you at the RoofPod garden!!

Jasmine Lorraine Perez

Hi, I’m Jasmine Perez, a fifth-year B. Architecture student here and last year’s treasurer of CCNY Green! This year I am creating this website for you all. I am very passionate about the environment and spreading awareness to the world. I believe this club is one of the many ways to teach people how to grow their own plants, herbs, and veggies. CCNY Green even teaches people how to cook and create new things with the harvested garden goods up in the RoofPod. Being part of this club is a great opportunity to learn what we need to spread awareness about helping the planet.

Mohammed Gueye

Hi, my name is Mohammed, I’m a fifth-year B. Architecture student, formerly the president of CCNY Green. I’ve been gardening since I was a little kid and it’s grown into an unimaginable passion, I love sharing my experience of gardening with other people by hosting events along with cooking so let’s garden and eat!

Mahdi Alkaifi

Hey everyone! My name is Mahdi, I’m a fifth-year B. Architecture student and formerly the Vice President of CCNY Green. I joined about three years ago and I’ve delved myself, along with friends, deeply into gardening and cooking. I’m almost always in the RoofPod from noon until about 3 or so on Wednesdays so feel free to come and say hi or garden! 

Steven Grullon

Hey everyone! My name is Steven Grullón. I’m a fifth Year B. Architecture Student and I’ve been involved with CCNY GREEN for about 3 years now. I’m in charge of the photography taken for the social media accounts. I love gardening and take photos for CCNY Green with a few other students who also love photography and we actually want to increase our photography group as a whole, so if you’re interested, direct message us! Gardening is a super interactive fun way to help our planet and it’d be amazing to have more photographers to document every piece of it.

Luis Vargas

Hi everyone, I want to quickly introduce myself by saying I am Luis Vargas a current 4th-year undergrad student at the Spitzer School of Architecture. I probably joined CCNY Green around my 3rd year. It was not until my 2nd year of architecture school when I began to attend their events and I really developed a strong curiosity and fascination as to what their mission is, and ever since I have been part of their social media and graphics team. I enjoy learning the many ways to be a sustainable community, engaging our community, and really appreciate how fun planting can be and engaging. Looking forward to all of the many events we will have with our community, and continue seeing it grow.

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